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KooLDown burn relief products are scientifically formulated with pure aloe vera, EXTRA STRENGTH LIDOCAINE, exotic oils, rich moisturizers and vitamin E which maximize beneficial synergy among the ingredients. As a result, the product provides maximum effective pain relief, skin nourishment and powerful aid In returning your skin back to its natural beauty.

KooLDown Is scientifically tested to aid in healing your skin fast and replenishing the natural moisturizers drained by the sun and other elements. KoolDown is the effective solution for burns from the sun, wind, chemicals and radiation.

KooLDown is especially formulated to help rejuvenate burn damage or poor skin conditions. Your skin is intelligent, self-regulating. It readjusts, rebalances and heals Itself. Given the right materials to work with, it will rebuild, renew and repair Itself. KooLDown quickly disappears into dry troubled tissue. Many of our customers suffering from sun, wind, radiation, and chemical burns refer to KooLDown as the “miracle creme” and “the vacation saver”.

KooLDown is available in four different applications for your convenience, with the same effective burn relief ingredients:

Burn Relief
– 4 oz. Bottle (The Original)

Rich delicate cream which absorbs easily into the skin
Substantially unscented.

– 4 oz. Bottle

Maximum Strength Professional Burn Relief
Maximum Strenght Lidocain 4% for professional burn relief.
A rich, delicate cream with Zinc, Vitamin C and Aloe

New Menthol Formula
– 4 oz. Bottle

Get the cooling sensation with our new menthol formula
Stop pain fast with 3% Lidocaine.
The menthol formula is made with pure Aloe Vera, Wintergreen and the rich penetrating Maracuja oil Aids in restoring your skin to its natural beauty.

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